Sand Foundry Casting

Aurora Metal’s air-set sand foundry is designed to provide our customers with short- to medium-run castings. Itallows us complete flexibility to produce castings in a variety of stainless steels, cast iron, and brass withoutthe need for separate sand facilities for each material.
Air set sand molds allow closer as-cast tolerances with less mold wall movement and distortion, allowing superiorrepeatability on the smallest run quantities.
Our pattern shop and full-time patternmaker allow us to provide our customers complete in-house facilities forpatternmaking. The pattern shop is also able to repair customer supplied tooling and prepare it for our sand castingprocess.
Our all-electric induction furnace facility allows casting of a broad range of alloys while exercising tight metallurgicalcomposition control. Since quantities are job shop in number, each mold is handled individually and not treatedas a run-of-the-mill assembly line product.
We have a complete sand testing facility to run screens, L.O.I.’s (loss on ignition) and tensile strengths formolding and core sands. Our lab spectrometers verify the chemical composition of each heat before and after casting.Patterns and intricate casting dimensions are verified on our coordinate measuring machine.
Casting weights range from 2 pounds to 250 pounds. Quantities for sand casting usually run from 1 piece to 500pieces per month.


In addition to the alloys listed on our standard bronze alloy page, we offer the following selection of ferrous alloys. If you require an alloy not listed, please contact one of our sales engineers for more information.


Cast Grade Designation

Wrought Grade Designation



Cast Iron 

Typical Class 25 



 Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel



A352, 743, 744



A352, 743, 744 



A352, 743, 744 



A352, 743, 744 


Copper Alloys 

Refer to copper-based alloy charts. All of these alloys can
be sand-cast, but the physical characteristics will differ.


 Other alloys may be available - please check with one of our Sales Engineers to determine availability.