About Us

Thank you for joining us on the occasion of our 100th anniversary. We would like to share some of our history with you. These pages tell the tale of the birth and evolution of a company which is proud of its heritage. It is the story of our founders, our employees and, of course, our customers. Our history is presented in chronological order for your reading. The first page from the menu below covers our first fifty years and the second page covers the most recent fifty years. When you have finished your tour of our past, please go back to our home page and see how much we have to offer you today.

Our Company

Our company began its history as the Aurora Metals Company. The name has changed over the years, as have the owners. Aurora Metals has even bought and sold a few companies and divisions. Our history gives an overview of these continually evolving relationships, along with several other historical points of interest.

Our Customers

“Our story would not have been possible without the involvement of the many supportive customers who have chosen to do business with our company over the last 100 years. We value their loyalty and acknowledge the major role they have played in helping us meet their needs. We have formed many great relationships which we consider among our company’s greatest accomplishments.”

Our Customer

A customer is the Most Important Person in Our Business.
You are not Dependent on us …
We are Dependent on You.
You are not an Interruption of Our Work …
You are the Purpose of it!
Our Service is not a Favor …
You Favor Us by Letting Us Serve You.
Bring Us Your Needs …
It is Our Privilege to Handle Them.
Thanks for Being Our Customer.
While we would like to acknowledge all of our customers individually, we do not have the space to do so here. Instead, our history pages tell of the industries we have served in the past, and the major industries which we currently serve, along with some of the products we have supplied to our customers. This list is not complete – if you do not see your industry indicated here but have a product requirement, please contact us for more information.

Our Employees

The dedication to the book, Forever A Foundry, reads as follows –

To the Men and Women
The Aurora Metals Company

Talent, hard work, and a dynamic ethnic and gender diversity have been the hallmarks of the work force and the key elements in the strength of the Aurora Metal Company over its one hundred year history. It has been your committment and dedication to producing the highest quality products and always putting the customer first that have enabled the company to sustain continued growth throughout the good times and the challenging times. I can think of no better way to express the deepest appreciation, from myself and on behalf of generations of families and customers whose lives your work has touched, than to dedicate the history of this outstanding foundry to you

- the men and women of the Aurora Metal Company.

Your efforts have not only told a great story, but have ensured that there will be many more to tell for generations to come.
There have been many men and women who have worked for the Aurora Metal Company who have been instrumental to its success. Most notable are those who had the vision to create this company and those who have been entrusted to guide the company, through good times and bad. In our history we learn about some of the people who have held this responsibility.


Thanks for taking the time to review our web site and our history pages. If you are looking for a foundry to supply your casting needs, our history reflects our capabilities and our desire to meet the needs of our customers. For more current information, or to contact us, please choose our home web page from the menu below. Thanks again for visiting.