Aurora Metals combines the services of quality and process control to produce precision castings to meet the most stringent and demanding requirements. Precision castings, designed to replace fabricated parts, eliminate a big percentage of machining services. Furthermore, any remaining machining requirements can be completed at Aurora Metals.

Enclosed shroud pump impellers, for example, are tough to cast. But Aurora Metals makes them by the thousands ... every month.

The Aurora Metals vacuum die casting process has proven to be an economical and ideal answer to many precision casting problems ... even parts formerly made of steel and requiring a great deal of machining.

Some electrical components need strength to withstand physical and electrical forces ... and fight corrosion. Bronze castings made by Aurora Metals permanent mold process, provide the needed density and conductivity, plus economy in production.

Flexibility of permanent mold castings allows steel or similar material to be cast integrally with the part.

The Aurora Metals solution to tough production problems starts with professional product design services and the right metal formula to produce simple or complex parts to close tolerances, and near net shape.

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