Aurora Metals offers the maximum combination of advanced manufacturing facilities with professional engineering services at the leading edge of modern technology in precision cast components. Backed with experience since 1899, Aurora Metals is ideally equipped to meet your needs for new casting designs. Over these years, Aurora Metals has established a sound reputation for uncompromising quality and reliability in products and services.

All-electric facilities plus unique casting methods and the ability to cast many special and standard alloys, gives Aurora Metals flexibility to meet today's design and functional requirements in a wide variety of applications.

Opportunities for savings include quantity flexibility; reduced machining time; possible elimination of secondary tooling and labor; reduced casting weights and elimination of assembly time or costs through insert casting.

These pages illustrate Aurora Metals' dedication to precision foundry processes. They will give you a brief look at our facilities, techniques and equipment. We recognize new technologies and incorporate them quickly and efficiently to maintain the advantages only an aggressive precision foundry can provide. We offer flexible, efficient and economical solutions to your constantly changing product needs.

We invite you to visit our facilities located in Montgomery, Illinois and see for yourself the exciting changes that are taking place in precision casting technology. We would like the opportunity to meet with you and discuss precision casting opportunities to meet your product needs.

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